Monday, January 22, 2018

Magnegas pump and dump scam?

This is a post as a warning for any person who is thinking of buying shares on Magnegas ($MNGA).

Beware, stay away from Magnegas, do not hold them for more than 24-48 hours. This looks clearly as a pump and dump scheme (scam).

The company Magnegas ($MNGA) continuously files PR inconcrete and vague which are used to pump and dump the stock price. In addition, 2 Reverse Splits have been executed in 7 months to sustain self issued warrants and own shares are sold afterwards. In addition, the Santilli family was already involved in previous similar schemes:

Here it was explained in 2015 and the company continues operating the same scheme. It should be dellisted as it is a constant loss of money for private investors. 

PLEASE READ THIS ARTICLE: (IT is from 2015 but exactly the same is still happening).

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Complain about

Few weeks ago I returned from a trip to Bordeaux in France. My flight had been delayed for 4 hours, without much explanation from Aerlingus. We were basically wandering around the airport, like zombies, without information. Aerlingus is getting used to delaying flights and not much of an explanation given.

Anyway, today I didn't want to talk about Aerlingus, but about the Parking I have been a customer with this company for many years. I was used to parking there and despite it is much farer than other parkings, habits are difficult to break so automatically I used them again and again, 4 or 5 times a year. The only perk ever received as a loyal customer was a voucher for dog racing.... thanks but no, respect for animals (and your customers) please.

So, between the landing delay from Aerlingus, landing, collecting my baggage, mega passport check queue, waiting for their bus (no longer at Terminal 2!), waiting on their bus for new unexisitng passengers (even though the bus was already fully packed and I had to go standing all the time), locating the car  and so on,... my parking time had expired for a bit more than one hour (1hr and 15 mins aprox). Once at the barrier to try to exit, the code would no longer open the barrier.

I was absolutely exhausted from the delay and the trip and I had to ring the bell at the barrier. After a while and some more waiting, someone answered, I explained the situation thinking that after checking my code, they would immediately open the gate. No way. The man who was working was not understandable at all. I explained that so many more times I had booked for full days which I had used only half day. I gave them my mobile number and email but it seems that their useless system could locate only 2 previous bookings (even though I had in my email proof of many more). So even though he could see that in my previous bookings I had used less than the full 24 hours paid for, the man insisted that I had to pay. Totally unable to understand the situation, how tired I was and that I had been a customer for so many years.

He just cared about charging me 1 full day again, for 1hr and 15 minutes used. I was so tired and after seeing what kind of personnel works there, that I paid the full day. I accepted that I was being ripped off but I will never go back to parking. I am flying again next month and they will never see me again.

P.S: A lawyer should look into the situation that customers are being charged for time in parkings that is not used. For example 2 EUR 50cents an hour, when you have only been there 27 minutes, not an entire hour.

I am from Catalonia and I remember well that by EU legislation parkings can only charge for minutes or fractions actually used.

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Petrol prices in Ireland?

Petrol prices keep going down, however the Irish pumps are not. If you go to one of the Irish petrol stations, prices are still the same or not going much down.

I'd recommend to have a look at and shop around.

It's an authentic ripp off. As a consumer, who is protecting us over here?? Even though it is true that EUR value has gone down to 1.10, the lowest point since 2003, but oil is at 60 USD compared to 100 some months ago...

What is the Irish government doing? As usual... not much.

Thursday, February 05, 2015

UPC customer service

I have been a customer with UPC (previously NTL) for several years now. Once you have the service set up accordingly is pretty much grant, however, if you need to contact their customer service, it is a nightmare.

Since their latest (and constant) price increase, I ended up cancelling the TV package. After all, so many channels that we don't even watch and nothing really worth watching anyway. It also pisses me off the way they treat much better new customers with good offers and nothing to customer for so many years (customer retention seem that is not important to them).

After 6 calls, more than 30 tweets and emails with their customer service,I still don't know what type of package they put me and the monthly payment. It is unbelievable!

I have too much patience, next time I will cancel the whole service.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

3 Mobile Ireland has lost another customer.

Yes, I no longer want to be a 3 mobile Ireland customer. I bought a Nokia E63 with 3 Ireland less than 6 months ago. Although it was expensive, I bought it mainly because I knew it had Skype if I topped up 10 Euros each month. So I moved from vodafone to 3 Ireland.

However, recently we have seen how 3 Ireland is trying to ripp off the Irish customers again, as they have just changed their Terms and Conditions and in order to have Skype you must top up at least 20 Euros in once instead of 10 Eur as agreed when I started as a customer, amount that I don't want to pay as my conditions were different ones.

So, just an advice to all the Irish customer who are thinking of changing to 3 Ireland: Be VERY aware as they will probably change the conditions of the option you choose and what is offered once you start with them, will no longer apply.

Check how they lie on the website:

Every time you top-up you get all this free.

Free minutes and texts when you top up.
Top up Free Any Network
Weekend Minutes
Free Anytime
Any Network SMS
€20 or more 200 300
€10 20 30

  • Free
  • Free
  • Free
  • Free

I am now writing a letter to the Irish Consumer Association and further measures will be taken against 3 mobile Ireland as I had bought the telephone with an specific a price plan and conditions and it has to be respected.

To compare and see more ripp off 3 Ireland: In Ireland Nokia E63 cost 189 Euros in the UK 89 GBP!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

In Obama We trust.

In Obama We Trust. Wasn't it, in God we trust though? Anyway, what else can we do?

Monday, January 19, 2009

The biggest bank robbery ever in Ireland - Sean Fitzpatrick to jail?

From Ireland I wonder, shouldn't Sean Fitzpatrick (the man who broke the bank - the biggest bank robbery ever in Ireland), go to prision?

If I was a Anglo Irish Bank shareholder I would defenitely bring him (and "his friends") to courts.

As a taxpayer in Ireland, I would not understand if this man walks free from this gambling and huge robbery. Unbelievable...

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Petrol prices go down but in Ireland pumps don't do it

Petrol prices keep going down, Oil falls to below $60 a barrel (the lowest price in 20 months), however the Irish pumps are not. If you go to the Irish petrol stations, prices are still the same or not going much down.

I'd recommend to have a look at and shop around.

It's an authentic ripp off. As a consumer, who is protecting us over here??

What is the Irish government doing? As usual... not much.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Today Kosovo, tomorrow Catalonia.

Do you remember when Montenegro separated from Serbia? Now it is just as a normal state as all the others and as it is becoming Kosovo today.

Today is Kosovo and tomorrow will be Catalonia, Scotland, the Basque Country,..It is a great day for democracy. Each nation has the right to get their own independence.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New trips

I know last time I wrote was at the beginning of this year, but I haven't got enough time to write. I've got another blog and 3 websites... As today I decided to write something I'll summ up the last few months, which basically I´ve been travelling. As I normally say, I'm permanently on holidays and sometimes I work.

Well, I started the year going to Oslo but instead of landing there I landed in Sweden, Stocolm (the weather was too bad to land in Oslo). After there I went for over 10 days to the States (NYC and Washington), I also went to Croatia, Slovenia and Italy (driving and all at the same trip), over 10 days more to Finland, Rusia and Latvia (travelling mainly by train) , 4 days to Poland for a wedding and "Meet the parents" and the last Saturday I just came back from almost 15 days to Greece (Athens, Crete and Santorini).

As you can see I haven't stop this year...